We at KISAE Kempo follow the guidelines stated below.
This would include the owners, managers, instructors and everyone else associated with our art.

Absolute and non negotiable conditions
our students must be of legal age in our community 19 years old and proof of age required.

or a local youth not less than sixteen years old

said youth will be accompanied to and from each class by their parent or guardian

our students must be living within the Lower Mainland of B.C.

our students must have a real time address and home

our students must have a local phone number

all classes are fifty minutes long and that is exactly what we mean by “one hour”

all classes are private with one instructor and one student

no student may attend more than one class per week

We would prefer that our students be either

In the process of actively acquiring an education proof may be required

Actually employed

Retired from work

We work at this art because we love it and not just because of the possible remuneration.

Regards, R. Warnstaff and K. Bliss